Found these on Pinterest….cute!  Via



A certain little lady is turning 4 soon!  And, per her request, we’re having a Ladybug Picnic birthday party.

If you watched Sesame Street in the 80’s you might remember this song:

Ladybug Picnic Video

Here’s what I have so far….hopefully this mess will turn into a great party.


I’ve posted before about my love of, infatuation with, obsession over…Pinterest, the virtual bulletin board where one can “pin” anything one finds inspiring.

It’s always a thrill when one of my pins is re-pinned.  It’s nice to know that someone else out there in internet land likes the same things I do.

A while back I posted a picture of my daughter’s first birthday party, and it has been re-pinned 1000 times!!  Party planning is a hobby of mine, and I’m so excited my little party has been an inspiration for others!

To celebrate, here are more photos of the party:



I just bought these adorable sandals for my little one!

Navy blue sandals!

I have the hardest time finding cute shoes.  Can any mommies relate?  I’d love to hear any recommendations.

I found these on Little Monkey Toes.  They aren’t inexpensive, but I specifically needed navy blue sandals and couldn’t find them anywhere.

They have tons and tons of shoes to choose from.  The only drawback is that I had to convert the size from US to European.

I can’t wait to see her “little monkey toes” in these!

Summer is in full swing, and the temperature is on the upswing.  The National Weather Service is predicting a high of 100 tomorrow here in Atlanta!  Yikesy!

My mind and tummy are thinking of fun ways to cool down.  And, what better way to cool down than with watermelon!

Here’s some inspiration –

“Watermelon” desserts via this chick cooks

Watermelon Margarita Italian Ice

Watermelon margarita Italian ice via pickles n honey

Watermelon as punch bowl via prep in the midwest

Hope you’re staying cool!  Cheers!

I recently started taking web design/development classes at a local university and am having the best time!

Sure, it’s a challenge.  But,  it’s fun to learn something new.  Learning HTML and CSS has been the most challenging part, but I think it’s starting to click.

The most fun I’ve had is with the design aspect of web pages – wireframing and choosing color schemes.

I’ve found two fantastic sites to help with color selection:  Color Scheme Designer and Kuler from Adobe.

If you know of any other cool color sites, I’d love to hear about them.