Reduce, reuse, recycle

My husband and I were married almost eight years ago, and I have been saving the Swarovski crystals from my bouquet ever since(I didn’t have the heart to throw them out.) They’re so pretty and sparkly!

They sat in a miniature vase on a shelf until a few weeks ago when Mom came over and taught me how to make jewelry. I’ve been wanting to learn forever, and in the spirit of being “green” and using what you already have, I made an adorable necklace.

Here’s how it all started: this is my design inspiration for my bouquet from a book I found indispensible when planning my wedding.

The Perfect Wedding Reception Stylish Ideas for Every Season by Maria McBride-Mellinger. It’s a wonderful book not only for wedding planning, but I have also found inspiration in this book for party planning in general – especially showers. The photography is lovely – a truly beautiful book.

Here’s a picture of my actual bouquet. Not an exact match, but we had to work with flowers that were in season.

And, the finished product. My mom is so talented (she paints and works in clay too), and we spent a very girly afternoon making jewelry – so fun! Thanks Mom!


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