Cheers to the Kristini’s Menu!

The cocktail party for Kristini’s menu debut was a success!  Kristini’s is the bar in our basement (Kristina + martini.)

We asked our friends to submit drink names and recipes to be included in the menu, and we got some great responses.  The invitations reflect the fun/lounge-y theme of the party.   I used purple glitter scrapbook paper, green pearly paper, and typed the invite on vellum.  You can find my inspiration board here.

 I had a lot of fun putting the appetizer table together using green and purple satin and lots of sparkles and my good silver of course!
Here are the food labels .  I used the same paper that I used on the invitations.  The crab cakes with corn pudding were a hit!
And….here’s the menu
It’s just corrugated cardboard that I cut to size and covered with some leftover dupioni silk I had from a previous project.  I found a martini punch on sale at Michael’s and glued it on the front.
Here’s a look at the inside.
I used self-adhesive hologram scrapbook paper for the inside of the menu.  And, I typed the menu on legal sized paper using a font I found on
Here’s another shot.
I found these quotes on a website.  Just a little food for thought as you enjoy your beverage of choice.
Our wonderful, hilarious, and creative friends came up with some fantastic drinks!
Soon I’ll include more DIY for assembling the menu.  You could easily adapt this idea to any cocktail party.  Just ask your friends to submit drink ideas, make the menu, and give out copies of the menu as party favors. 
Until next time….cheers!

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