Baby Shower Inspiration Boards

It seems that every woman I know is pregnant and due before the end of the year! And, as Melanie Wilkes so lovingly remarked in Gone With the Wind, “The happiest days are when babies come.” I couldn’t agree more! I love babies, and I love baby showers – attending, hosting, shopping for teeny-tiny gifts…so much fun.

My dear, dear friend is expecting this fall, and I am so excited to help host her shower. We’ve been friends since first grade!

She and her husband are not going to find out the gender of the baby until it’s born. So my challenge is to find decor that’s gender neutral without being totally boring.

I have a few ideas after taking my adorable (but whiny) one-year-old (I can bribe her with Cheerios for only so long – I apologize fellow shoppers for the racket…both her crying and my pleading and singing Ladybug Picnic ten times in a row) through countless aisles of Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann. The most fantastic paper is available in the scrapbook section, and I use the paper  as a starting point for my party decor. That combined with ribbon ( I’ve collected lots over the years…I’m such a sucker for sale-priced ribbon) and paint and other bits and bobs have gotten me to this……

I like the idea of using a peachy-orange with the more traditional yellow and green, but it still needs some “punch”.

Right now, I’m leaning more toward a periwinkle-lime green-teal blue color scheme. It seems a bit cheerier, and the paper is whimsical.

Any opinions…….


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