Hostess Gift Idea

No one likes to go to a party empty handed.  A bottle of wine is usually appropriate, unless your host doesn’t drink alcohol.  Flowers are great too.  But, as I read once in an etiquette book, if you’re going to take flowers make sure they’re in a vase.  It is difficult for the hostess to stop what she’s doing and find a vase, trim the flower stems, and fill the vase with water. 

So, here’s another option.  I found these flour sacks at a craft store, and they’re very inexpensive.  I then embroidered the wheat design three times along the bottom of the towel.   You can find the design in this book by Mary Norden..


Even if you don’t sew you can probably manage this.  I’m certainly not a fine embroiderer.  I just think it’s nice to give a gift that lets the recipient know you put time, care, and thought into their gift.  Who wouldn’t like a basket of biscuits, muffins, or rolls wrapped in this adorable cloth?  Go to your local baker and pick out some yummy breads, and you have a unique and useful hostess gift.  (Or, if you’re really industrious I suppose you could make the bread yourself!)
  1. marissa said:

    those are really cute. I'd love to receive something like that as a host!

  2. Thanks Marissa! And, thanks for being my first commenter. Love your adorable outfits and fabric!

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