Summer Celebration!

As summer winds down, we always look forward to our town’s birthday celebration. It’s so much fun! Everyone reserves tables and brings linens, candles, food, and wine.  We brought sandwiches and fruit salad – nothing too hot or spicy because it’s so darn hot!  And, the wine choices were chardonnay and pino grigio, which were perfectly refreshing in the heat.  There’s a band, and everyone – from toddlers to teenagers to senior citizens- dances. And, the grand finale – –  fireworks after dark.
Here’s a peek at our table this year.

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The linens are from a party I had years ago, the summer before junior high.
I got all the candles and lanterns at Big Lots.  The candles are all LED, so no matches to worry about.  Aren’t the lanterns adorable!  I just picked the candle colors out of the tablecloths (which are actually repurposed draperies!)  The plastic wine glasses and plates are from Target.

It was a very hot and humid evening, but what a fun evening with family and friends!


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