Baby Shower

Here are pics of the baby shower.  What a fun day!  Everyone is so happy for my friend and her new little
one on the way!
She’s not finding out the gender of the baby, so I decided to go with a sage green/yellow/pumpkin orange color scheme.  I didn’t want the colors to look too “springish” because it’s almost fall.  So these colors aren’t the most traditional for a baby shower, but I think it worked okay.
I used a piece of sage green silk as the backdrop for the dessert table.  Adding to the fall feel of the shower, I used an old drop-leaf table to display the food.  We had petit fors from my favorite bakery with buttercream icing in green, yellow and peach.  I dipped marshmallows in colored sugar to make marshmallow pops(although the colors came out too bright.)  And, I made tea biscuits with jalapeno jelly – yum!
Here’s the non-dessert table.  I made another wreath of yellow tissue and hung it with a sage green ribbon. I used baby food jars to hold the flatware.
Crab cakes with corn pudding, fruit skewers, spinach bites, cucumber cups with hummus, and chicken salad croissants – yummy!

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