Hostess Gift

I’m always looking for something to take as a hostess gift besides a candle or bottle of wine.
I came up with this idea from Jenny Ryan’s book Sew Darn Cute.
It’s an easy project – all you need is a white dish towel and some scraps of fabric.
This towel measures 19″x16″, and the fabric is 18.5″x5″.
I folded all the edges of the fabric under about half an inch and pressed.
Then it’s as easy as pinning the fabric to the towel and edge stitching it.
Here’s the final product:
I also made a few co-ordinating cocktail napkins.
Not that many people have pink and orange kitchens, but it might be cute for a beach or lake house.
And, to make the napkins, just place the right sides of two pieces of fabric together, sew leaving a 2″ hole on one side, turn right side out, press, and topstitch.  Topstitching makes it look neater, and it closes the hole without having to handstitch it.

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