Cucumber Cups

This simple and healthy appetizer has become one of my favorites.  It is so easy, elegant, and tasty.
And, there’s no cooking involved.
Here’s what you’ll need:
A cucumber of course, peeler, melon baller, ruler, small biscuit cutter, and hummus.
My favorite brand is Sabra, but I know lots of people like to make their own.
Peel the cucumber, and cut off the ends – about an inch or so.
Place the cucumber and ruler on a cutting board, and score the cucumber at one-inch intervals.
Then chop it up, making sure to keep the cuts parallel so that the cups will be uniform in size.
With a small biscuit cutter, remove the outer edge of the cucumber so that you are left with a perfectly round cucumber cylinder.
With the small end of a melon baller, carefully remove the seeds leaving the bottom seed layer in place.
A couple of quick tips:  
After you scoop out the seeds, turn the cucumber cup upside down and place on a paper towel to drain.
And, I chop up the leftover cucumber pieces to dip in the remaining hummus, or add to a glass of iced water  – cucumber water if very refreshing!
Add your hummus and top with garnish.  I used roasted red pepper, but I have also used shredded carrots in the past.
And, here’s the final product.  I usually serve them on a tray, but these little spoons from Crate and Barrel work as does the small sauce dish in the picture at the top of the post.
I’ve also seen cucumber cups filled with crab salad, and I think I’ll try that next.

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