You know, this cigarette box has seen better days.

I picked that up in Shanghai, which has also seen better days

It’s cracked, and you never use it.  It’s too ornate.  I’m sending up a plain, flat, silver one with your initials.

That’s no way to spend your hard-earned money.

Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window

While I don't care for cigarettes, I do love the look of vintage cigarette boxes.

And, like Lisa in the movie, the simpler the better.

Here are a few from my collection.  I've found them at antique shows, and my mom found some of my favorites in little vintage shops in small towns.  It's amazing what you can find and where you can find it.
Some are in better shape than others, but I think they're wonderful because I like to imagine their original owners.

The monograms and engravings are so lovely.  When antiquing, I love it when there is a monogram.  Who cares if it matches mine or not?  I consider the monogram, especially the more stylized it is, a piece of art!
I’m not sure who Ashbel is, but what a wonderful name.
Hopefully, this gift from Alice for Christmas 1886 was cherished.
It’s so fun to imagine the gift giver and recipient, especially for something that is so old.
Were they in love? What did they look like? How did Ashbel react upon receiving such a lovely gift? Was it a lovely moment?
For those of you who watch Mad Men (and if you don't you definitely should!), you will appreciate the engraving on this one.
How awesome is that!

It's been fun collecting them - hope you've had fun reading about them.


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