Tea Party Linens for Little Ladies

 Designing tea party linens for children is an idea I’ve been dreaming about for a while.

I made a set for my daughter and had so much fun coming up with girly-girl ideas – I feel like a child again myself!

I’ve seen lots of tea party accessories for grown ups but none for children, at least none that I really loved.

And, what proper little lady doesn’t love a tea party and deserve the proper accessories to entertain her guests.

It’s actually a fun and creative way to begin teaching children table manners – serving your guests first, placing your napkin in your lap, and being a gracious hostess.

So here is one of my creations, which will be available in my etsy shop soon http://www.etsy.com/shop/kristinaabernathy .

Yellow seersucker tea party linens - tablecloth with lace trim, apron with velcro closure and elasticized neck strap, and 4 tea napkins with grosgrain ribbon napkin rings

Yellow seersucker tablecloth with lace trim

I’ll have many more to come this week….so stay tuned!

I’ve also been working on Mother-Daughter aprons and smocks for little gentlemen too!

*apron pattern courtesy of Meg McElwee

    • krisp said:

      Thanks Kristina! Love your etsy shop!

    • krisp said:

      Thanks Lindsay! I love your invitations!

    • krisp said:

      Thanks Kathy! Just checked out your blog – I love vintage fabrics too!!

    • krisp said:

      Thanks Nancy! Love your blog and am “liking” you on fb!

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