Learn Something New

I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  As a matter of fact, I make fun of them… I point and laugh at people who make resolutions.  But, this year I’ve resolved to learn new things.

I’ve decided that I either have “mommy brain”, which any mother of a toddler can relate to, or I’m suffering from early onset dementia.  As you can imagine, I’m hoping it’s the former.

I’m doing more crossword puzzles and reading more – anything to get the ol’ neurons firing.

A couple of great websites are helping me on this path to enlightenment and intellectual well-being.

Academic Earth is a fantastic site if you’re looking to learn something new or just refresh your knowledge of Psychology or Physics or whatever you didn’t pay enough attention to when you were in college and now wish you had.

According to their site, their goal is to use the internet  “to extend high-quality educational opportunities to people around the globe.”

I’m currently watching Paul Bloom’s Intro to Psychology course.  He’s a Yale professor, and I’m hearing his lectures for free – pretty cool.   (In the vein of resolutions, I’m also walking on the treadmill while I’m watching the lecture on my computer – we’ll see how long that lasts  hee hee.)

There are dozens of topics from some of the best universities in the country.

You may have also heard of TED, which offers lectures on a variety of subjects from science to entertainment.

The beauty of TED is that the lectures are only 18 minutes long.  So, on your coffee or lunch break you can easily learn something new from a fascinating speaker.

So far I’ve seen two speakers.  I can recommend Stephen Pinker’s lecture on language and thought.  And, religious scholar Karen Armstrong’s speech on the need for compassion is compelling.  Which leads me to another resolution – be more compassionate.

Hmmm….those are a lot of resolutions for someone who dislikes resolutions.

Well, it’s time for Real Housewives.  I’m going to get a bowl of Haagen-Dazs, sit on the couch, make fun of the show, and congratulate myself on my moral superiority.

Happy New Year!


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