My favorite part of the Oscars is not the awards ceremony – it’s the red carpet.  Who can stay up late enough to watch the entire event anyway.

My favorite dress by far was Gwyneth Paltrow’s.

I love the simplicity and the elegance.   Her hair is divine.  And, the simple diamond cuff adds just enough sparkle.

 The ensemble is just as pretty without the cape.

When so many folks are wearing clothes that scream, “Look at me!”, Gwyneth’s choice shows that simple elegance can make the biggest statement of them all.

  1. Bob R said:

    We did stay till the end of show love billy C my wife and I agree GP’s gown was the best she comes across as such a lady

    • krisp said:

      I thought Billy Crystal was great!

  2. Joseph said:

    Even though TWC possibly picked out your wardrobe, I always thought you were dressed to impress. Always so pretty and elegant. A class act, indeed.

    • krisp said:

      Thank you! You’re very kind.

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