Web Design

I recently started taking web design/development classes at a local university and am having the best time!

Sure, it’s a challenge.  But,  it’s fun to learn something new.  Learning HTML and CSS has been the most challenging part, but I think it’s starting to click.

The most fun I’ve had is with the design aspect of web pages – wireframing and choosing color schemes.

I’ve found two fantastic sites to help with color selection:  Color Scheme Designer and Kuler from Adobe.

If you know of any other cool color sites, I’d love to hear about them.


  1. Gary Pfannenstiel said:

    Best of luck, Kristina. I was a computer systems analyst for many years, and the best advice I can give you in this field is to just keep after it.

  2. krisp said:

    Thanks for the advice! It does seem to be a constantly evolving field.

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