Summer is in full swing, and the temperature is on the upswing.  The National Weather Service is predicting a high of 100 tomorrow here in Atlanta!  Yikesy!

My mind and tummy are thinking of fun ways to cool down.  And, what better way to cool down than with watermelon!

Here’s some inspiration –

“Watermelon” desserts via this chick cooks

Watermelon Margarita Italian Ice

Watermelon margarita Italian ice via pickles n honey

Watermelon as punch bowl via prep in the midwest

Hope you’re staying cool!  Cheers!

  1. Terry said:

    Very delicious looking ways to enjoy watermelon… even the rind as a punch bowl. I’ve been waiting for the really ripe watermelons to arrive in Baltimore, but I can’t find any yet. Others are probably beating me to it. d

    I don’t know about that watermelon and chocolate, but it’s worth the try. They all look so refreshing. That punch keeps looking better and better! (laughing, but serious) Thank you!

    Cooling Wishes,

    • krisp said:

      Watermelon and chocolate is an unusual combination, but it was too darn cute not to share 🙂

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